“iPedago EVOLUTION is the most complete and flexible collaborative app that I’ve seen—in either business or the academic sector. I’d recommend it highly to anyone in the areas of knowledge management, project development or learning.”


Peter A. Usinger, Former President, Association of Florida Colleges

 cloud based.  No IT needed.  Just log in

 eight collaborative features mean total learner engagement

 learning democracy: both learners and experts create content

 assemble text, images and video in one single interface

 add bookmarks, definitions, links, glossaries–all with a click

 integrate all your current apps: Office, Dropbox, Google docs, the Web … everything

 use “smart” highlights and one-click summaries to do text analysis on the fly

 augment any other training platform

 create single learning objects, eBooks or whole courses

From the Information Age to the Participation Age–
  eLearning becomes a new playing field on which
  learners and experts are equal partners.

“I’ve been excited to offer iPedago EVOLUTION to my training clients, both past and present. What makes it different is the innovative workspace and the exceptional collaborative features. I think that EVOLUTION can increase the reach of any learning program and offer a more cost-effective solution for clients. I’d recommend it to anyone in the learning field. “


John Brennan, President and CEO,
Interpersonal Development, Rochester N.Y.

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