Collaborative Learning

the EVOLUTION workspace
  one shared interface that does “almost everything.”

  Simultaneous access: Your whole team working and learning together in real time.

  Email blast: Send alerts or notices to your group in two clicks.

  Message board: Instant message your learning group at any time.

  Chat:  Every project has its own chat for private one-to-one communication.

  Discussion board:  Threaded discussions of any length. Every project has its own.

  Export: Goodbye to email. “Export” copies your projects to your group in seconds.

  File Sharing: Upload 50 gigs that team members can download, share, even link to.

  Integration: Link to anything with a URL and it’s part of your project.

“This is the best learning application I’ve seen so far. We’ve been able to store and organize most of our working docs and pull out the important information when we need it. The summarizer tool is kind of its own app–but very useful. I’ll be using this for both internal and external projects from this point forward.”


– Robert S. (training client, large technology development company)

One single interface for design, development, delivery

When we say one, we mean one. No cryptic technology or complex development process. You just build it and share it—all in the Cloud. Subject matter experts, designers, and learners all empowered by a common elegant interface.

Collaborative learner-centered learning

With a unique collaborative concept, EVOLUTION sets a new mark for learner engagement. The “new way that teams are working” becomes the new way they are learning.

Infinitely flexible, scalable interface

A three-window design that lets you create, organize, analyze and expand–all at the same time. Add text, hot links, bookmarks, glossaries, highlights, annotations, brainstorms and mind maps. No limits. Endless expansion.

Integrate any media type, URL, application or file

EVOLUTION reaches in all directions. Link to any URL; embed images, tables, and video. Upload and link to files that learners download or preview with a click. Your knowledge stores become your learning assets.

Create quizzes, memory aids, flashcards

Four types of quiz with randomization, adjustable completion criteria, feedback, and progress meters. Use self-quiz and flash cards on virtually any device.

Use summarization as a learning tool

EVOLUTION’s patent-pending summarizer is also a text analysis engine. Apply “priorities” and tags to create pinpoint-focused summaries. Filter summaries by specific criteria. Summarize then resummarize. Learning is implicit in the process.

Augment any standard training platform

Integrate EVOLUTION with any kind of standard training solution. EVOLUTION becomes the collaborative component. It fills in the gaps and creates an exciting learner-centered milieu. The ultimate training partnership.

Publish (“export”) your projects in multiple modes

“Export” means sharing projects instantly with any target audience: a team, small company, large university. Export projects in “Read+Write” to let receiving users “own” and develop them. Or export in “Read Only” so that you maintain control. Your changes automatically update all exported copies (like changing a website). You are both author and publisher.

“iPedago (EVOLUTION) is an exceptional learning application based on its ability to bring any number of people together in a common place, and many ways to share content or communicate on projects. I highly recommend it for any company who is serious about learning.


Anthony Barone,
Software Engineer at Twitter.

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