Earning Revenue with EVOLUTION

  Use EVOLUTION to compile and organize research that you sell through virtually any channel (like Amazon books).

  Use EVOLUTION to create entire online eLearning programs—even a suite of courses. EVOLUTION’s collaborative features and ease of use will make your offerings highly competitive.

  Use EVOLUTION to support a client network. Collaborate within the network or with each client one-on-one. Create chats, discussions, forums, knowledge archives or just informal information sharing.

  Create a project management system for a client organization. Use EVOLUTION to set up a collaborative workspace, or to manage work assignments, calendaring, resource sharing, project checkpoints, and so on.

  Document your clients’ business processes. Offer them a searchable, indexed, and organized way to find key information on an as-needed basis. EVOLUTION is an agile knowledge manager, allowing storage of up to 50 gigabytes of data, files of any kind, file sharing, easy uploads and downloads, and multiple search types.

  Set up operations manuals or procedural support for call centers, sales teams, or any group that requires rapid access to information.

  Create a support system for writers of any kind including support for researchers, dissertation writers, fiction writers, etc. EVOLUTION is an robust platform for book doctors, professional editors, or writing coaches.

  Set up writing workshops. EVOLUTION is ideal for posting manuscripts, editing, and all elements of communication around critique and writing support.

  Create professional-grade performance support systems, learning systems, and training. EVOLUTION was developed by professional trainers with many years’ experience in learning development.

  Partner with us at iPedago. We’ll offer your organization dedicated use of our technology to support your own projects on a fee-sharing basis.

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