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“I found my students much more engaged in the critical literacy process when reading articles in the cloud. Because this generation of learners is quite digital, they were able to enhance their understanding and comprehension of assigned readings using the features that iPedago EVOLUTION has to offer. EVOLUTION is an exceptional tool to be applied at the college level. “

Danielle Matthews
Lecturer, Secondary Education
State University of New York, Oneonta N.Y.

  Learn in a new kind of dynamic workspace

  Learn by creating and sharing at the same time.

  Build collaborative learning systems

  Integrate any media type, URL, application or file

  Create quizzes, memory aids, flash cards

  Publish your courses to a few users. Or to thousands

  Apply to tutoring or counseling

  Set up virtual or “flipped” classrooms

  Augment any kind of learning delivery

iPedago EVOLUTION is a great platform for teaching 21st Century skills at the high school level. The online environment makes it easy for students to collaborate. I’d highly recommend it to high school teachers – or teachers at any level.

Joan Haefner, National Board Certified Teacher, Secondary English,
Special Education, Canandaigua Academy, Canandaigua, New York

Learn in a new kind of dynamic workspace

.The EVOLUTION workspace is our key distinction. A three-window design lets learners create, organize, analyze and expand—alone or in concert with others—the capstone in a new way of thinking about learning.

Learn by creating and sharing – at the same time

.“Student-centered learning” lets students and teachers create and share content in one fluid, dynamic process. “Export” means that projects, and all associated documents, are shared instantly—with one group member or with an entire team. With all-points communication through email blast, chat, instant message and discussion. Goodbye email dependence.

Build collaborative learning systems

.Collaborate at every level. Create group projects, learning resource systems, knowledge archives, work teams or brainstorm sessions. Share study notes or create an entire course or eBook. Build a MOOC. A new energized learning paradigm.

Integrate any media type, URL, application or file

.Augment your projects with images, tables, links and video. Import Word docs, web text, or converted PDFs. Integrate any content type or application. Add instant definitions, bookmarks, hot links, glossaries, summaries. Expand your project to the limits of your imagination.

Create Quizzes. Memory Aids, Flashcards

.Four types of quiz with randomization, adjustable completion criteria, feedback, and progress meters. Use self-quiz and flash cards on virtually any device.

Set up virtual or “flipped” classrooms

.Both instructor and student log in, allowing key learning activities to transpire online. Use it to augment your current offerings or to create standalone courses. Include readings, videos, slides, assignments, quizzes, case studies, student writings, instructor evaluations, and communication in a single project. Tested in middle school and college classrooms, EVOLUTION has both flex and muscle. Call it a transformative solution.

Apply to tutoring, counseling or support

.Support learning at home, in a private learning center, secondary school, or academic counseling office. Counselors can create study assignments that they can monitor from any location–and use special analytic features to gauge learner understanding. Communication features like Discussion Board, Chat and Expansion Window allow exchange of feedback and support.

“iPedago (EVOLUTION) is a phenomenal application for a student in a technical area – or probably any area. It actually accelerates learning by letting you capture and organize almost any kind of content. I’d certainly recommend it to any undergrad or graduate.”


Anthony Barone, former student, Dept. of Software Engineering,
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. Software Engineer at Twitter.

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