EVOLUTION for Micro-Learning

Based on flexibility, range of features, and ease of use, EVOLUTION is an ideal micro-learning platform. Apply it to anything from flash cards to an impromptu course to an entire eLearning suite.

Key features:

  Ease of use. A few clicks and a little typing.  It almost creates itself.

  “Self-organization:”  Learning “nodes” (chunks) assemble themselves into a visible hierarchy as you create them.  Open or rearrange them with click and drag.

  Add any kind of content: text, images, tables, links, video.

  Work alone or with any number of others—simultaneous login.

  Five kinds of text search means you can find anything, anytime.

  Create a subject index with simple links.

  Share (publish) to one or many learners with a few clicks.

  “Read Only” Export (a kind of publishing) means you, the author, are always in control. Your updates automatically change all distributed versions (just like a website.)

  Add highlights, bookmarks, pop-up definitions, and annotations. “Glossary” is automatic.

  The Expansion Window lets you add unlimited, scrolling annotations to every chunk

  Create instant summaries with a few clicks

  Add quizzes with four kinds of questions.

  Each project comes with built-in Chat, Discussion Board, and Project notes.

  50 gigabytes of file storage. Access or share files with a few clicks.

  Share content with all features visible or in a simple eBook presentation mode.

  Easy print, backup, and much much more.

Learning organizations: contact us to request an EVOLUTION micro-learning demonstration. We’d like to work with you to develop creative learning applications for your company and your clients.  


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