How Does EVOLUTION Collaborate?

How does EVOLUTION collaborate?

1.  You login to your shared team workspace. Instant Messaging and Email Blast are already onboard. Communication begins.

2.  You create a “project” with a click or two, and name it. It pops into life with a dedicated Chat and Discussion Board.

You can chat with any single team member or create long, threaded discussions with the whole group.


3.   You create any kind of content with your team (text, images, tables, links, videos)

4.  Your teammates are also logged in and have access to the same documents. You can work separately or together. In the same space, in real time.

5.  You can share virtually anything in the cloud using links. Integrate any kind of group application.

6.  You can upload and share 50 gigabytes of files of any kind. Your team can download or open files with a single click.
Sharing is instant.

7.  You can “export” your project to any team member or group workspace—or to any EVOLUTION user, anywhere.
They receive the export in seconds (it’s not email.) They now have a copy of your project and can work on it and pass it along.

8.  You can export your project in “Read Only” mode. You share it instantly with one, ten, one thousand others.
Your changes automatically update their version. You become a publisher and maintain control.

Create group projects of any kind. Or a training program. Or a whole knowledge hub.
Minimal learning curve. No installation. No I.T. staff required.

And you’re just getting started.

“Psychologists have made a compelling case that we only grow in connection with others. However, we don’t need to learn with others in formal training or development programs: we can architect our own opportunities to gain insight, knowledge, and skills that move us on an upward trajectory. We can have more control over our learning at work if we make building high-quality connections a priority.”

—  Jane E. Dutton and Emily Heaphy, “We Learn More When We Learn Together” Harvard Business Review, JANUARY 12, 2016

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