we designed EVOLUTION with partners in mind

With our unique technology, you’ll create enterprise solutions–for yourself and for your clients–in the areas of:



  performance support

  knowledge management

  project design and implementation


EVOLUTION technology solves problems in learning and collaboration along multiple dimensions. The key: simple cloud-based solutions. No IT or software installation. And painless onboarding (as little as one hour). 

You and your clients will be able to:

  develop eLearning without complex authoring tools

  design and manage training rollouts

  set up robust performance support systems

  communicate and collaborate on projects of any kind (eight collaboration features)

  store and easily access documents of any kind (50 gigs or more)

  build on-the-fly solutions such as proposals, background documents, help guides, and operations manuals

  create and brainstorm in whole new ways

All through a single elegant interface


How it works

1.  Contact us and ask for a personal demo 

2.  We’ll set up a free, private provisional group for you with ideal demos for your clients

3.  We’ll help you finalize contracting and perform any setup that you need

4.  We’ll offer any level of support you need for your clients:

 onboarding (initial demos, training, follow up)

 email-based technical support

 project templates

 project design and consultation

Options by contract

 Private labeling: your logo and branding replace ours on key screens

  Master admin panel: track all user activity through a privately accessed database

We stand beside you, helping you help the clients you serve

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