Performance Support

EVOLUTION is a robust performance support app for organizations of any size. 

  It has huge capacity and a streamlined interface for knowledge capture and access.

  It meets and exceeds the standards for a solid performance support tool:

  Convenience: Cloud-based, your support resources are available with a few clicks 24/7.  

  User-friendly: Clear, simple, self-organizing and accessible by users at any level.

  Relevant:  Information is always up to date and shared instantly.  

“iPedago EVOLUTION is an excellent solution for any mid-sized organization needing rapid access and response to substantial data. We were able to apply it to our operations manual with virtually no external technical support. I strongly recommend it.”


George Fosque, Former 911 Director,
City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

  50 gig storage personal. 50 more for groups

  Index or organize everything with ease. As simple as word processing

  Reorganize at will with a unique click-and-drag control

  Integrate any kind of application through simple linking

  Find anything, anywhere using at least eight types of search

  Augment documents with definitions, highlights, glossaries, and bookmarks

  Embed images, tables, and video to enhance communication

  Create “one-click” intelligent summaries of your docs

  Share everything using unique features like “project export”

“Using iPedago (EVOLUTION), I was able to do in minutes what otherwise might have taken hours. This is a fantastic application for anyone doing serious research in the academic world.”


Peter Barcher, PhD, Associate Dean for Research,
College of Education and Human Development,
George Mason University, VA

Storage and Access

Virtually unlimited (50 GB) cloud storage for documents of any kind—for single users and 50 more for groups. The EVOLUTION usage meter shows space utilization by three document types: images, videos and docs. Upload and download documents by simple dragging. Download or preview documents with simple clicks. Sort documents by name, age, and size. And share everything with your team. It’s all just a click away.


Experience EVOLUTION’s “self-organizing” concept. You organize as you go. And you can reorganize at will with unique click-and-drag control. Your projects become intelligent information containers–not just mass storage. Work, as they say, smarter, not harder.


Create instant links to any URL, other application, project section (node), bookmark or file in your file manager. You can even interlink projects and create “master projects.” Create subject indices, tables of contents, and links that instantly download documents from just the right places. Just when you need them.


And use links to integrate with virtually any kind of online application. Bring in Google docs, websites, Dropbox files. Expand in all directions. Work at the speed of thought.


Find anything, anywhere using eight types of search. Search hundreds, even thousands, of documents. Or search through highlights, bookmarks, glossaries, quizzes, discussions and chats. EVOLUTION is all about finding things fast.


Create one-click “smart” summaries. The EVOLUTION summarizer is not a standard “text compression” algorithm. It summarizes with intelligence by letting you quickly identify key points–and then extracting, tagging, filtering and saving. A feature that’s an application in its own right.

Deepen and Enhance

Augment your documents with definitions, highlights, glossaries, bookmarks, and annotations. Embed images, tables, and video. Convert stale PDFs into dynamic learning objects. An EVOLUTION project is a multipurpose construct. It defies the old categories and charts a new course in knowledge management.


“My first thought was that this (EVOLUTION) can’t really do all the things it claims. But it can. This could be the premier research tool for a serious writer.”


Molly Giles, Former feature writer, Messenger Post Newspapers,
Gatehouse Media, Pittsford, NY.

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