Problems you can solve with iPedago EVOLUTION

How can I optimize my personal learning (gathering, organizing and expanding documents)?

How can I organize my original thinking—and boost my own learning potential?

How can I set up learning projects for a work team, professional organization or other group?

How can I implement creative, interactive and collaborative learning solutions for a class I’m teaching?

How can I extract important information from reading material and create useful summaries without “note taking” or using automated summarization systems?

How can I build effective, low-cost training solutions for my company or for clients—without learning complex authoring tools?

How can I set up a performance support base for my company that involves all our legacy documents?

How can I integrate all the apps we use (Office docs, Google docs, Drop box, the Web, etc.) into a single interface?

How can I boost the creativity of my team? How can we brainstorm effectively?

How can I easily create eBooks that I can distribute to team members or students – or sell to clients?


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