The EVOLUTION Difference

The web is chock full of learning solutions. And collaborative applications as far as the mouse can click.

But no one fused the two concepts to make them inseparable.

So we did.

As learning professionals with decades of experience, we know profound learning occurs when you apply new information to real world problems. In short: you learn as you work.

This doesn’t mean just “talking to each other.” It means that solving real problems together yields real learning. (Think about how you acquired most of your life skills.)

So we created a new kind of workspace. One that comes loaded with possibilities. A “self-organizing platform with built-in creative and analytic features.A space that supports collaborative learning with an interface that’s its own distinctive brand.

It’s an interface that has been used by high school freshmen and by university research professionals. It can flex from a simple chat room to a full-featured interactive learning system.

Or a complete performance support system.


When you create a learning project, all of these pop into existence:

A 3-window self-organizing project workspace


Discussion board

Project notes

Highlight manager

Instant definitions and glossary

One-click “intelligent” summarizer

Bookmark manager

Five types of text search


Project “export” — instant sharing

And there’s a whole new model of information management.

It’s not just talk. It’s learning driven by collaboration.

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